Zombie Days, Campfire Nights (Undead America)

zombie-daysHey there Zombie fans. Well it turns out an old friend of mine Leah Rhyne, I went to Highschool and College with wrote an awesome Zombie book! I just got it and I am about 5 chapters in. It is really, really good. Cannot wait to get back into it tonight.

It is called Zombie Days, Campfire Nights (Undead America) and so far like I said I am 5 chapters in. Right now it is building out the character back stories and I am really digging the characters.

Here is a quick overview from amazon;

Millions died when the zombie plague swept the country. For the survivors, the journey has just begun.

Jenna, Sam, and Lola are still alive. Jenna avoids human contact, traveling East Coast backroads with her boyfriend, a dog named Chicken, and a Louisville Slugger. Sam escapes to the mountains, where he’s conscripted into a zombie-slaying militia sent on nightly raids to kill the undead…and innocent civilians. Lola’s imprisoned in the “safety” of a zombie-free New Orleans hotel, but life grows more dangerous when her brother gets bitten by a zombie.

Click The Link Below to get it. Its only like $6 on the kindle or ipad! Can’t beat that!



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  1. Leah Rhyne says:

    :) Thanks so much for posting! I LOVE The Walking Dead and seeing my book here is AWESOME!

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