Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4: Killer Within

Wow. Crazy episode this week!  A lot of action and drama! Even a few major deaths!

The filmmakers promised they’d make up for Season 2′s not-so-great season and these first 4 episodes is proof they kept their promise.

The episode begins with someone up to no good. We don’t know who it is but they’re leaving gates open and letting walkers into the prison.

Michonne finds blood and bullet holes on the Hummer. She know’s damn well The Governor is up to some shady sh!t and she isn’t taking any of his BS. He would appreciate her strength but she makes it pretty clear she doesn’t want to be part of his allegiance. In Andrea’s case, it’s quite obvious she likes her new surroundings. But does she want to stay? She draws a map to the farm for Merle hoping he can find Daryl there. She attempts to get liquored up with The Governor then backs off but later tells Michonne they should stay put for a few days. Won’t she just make up her mind?
The Governor mentioned his daughter…keep an eye out for this. ;)

Back at the prison, the sh!t is really hitting the fan. The alarms are going off non-stop, basically a dinner bell for walkers. Everyone becomes separated while defending from an overwhelming amount of zombies. T-Dog gets bit in the shoulder. :(
We know and he knows what this means. Weird, the guy finally gets some dialogue in an episode and he’s done for. Really nice farewell guys.

While looking for a way out along the prison corridors, T-Dog and Carol come upon two zombies blocking their escape route. T-Dog who is basically going to die anyway, does what he can to insure Carol’s survival. He uses himself as a barricade against the walkers while they tear apart his flesh and throat as Carol escapes. You’re the man T-Dog.

Super cool scene where the Governor is driving golf balls down the street. Merle tells him he wants to leave to find his brother. The Governor doesn’t think he has enough evidence to find him, but says if he can find some more that he’ll go with him. Is he telling the truth?

Lori, Maggie and Carl find a boiler room to hide out in. Pregnant Lori can feel the baby coming and knows something is wrong. She’s bleeding too much and insists on Maggie giving her a C-section. Lori dies from the wound and Carl decides to put a bullet in his mother so she doesn’t turn. Hardcore. Carl knows what it takes to survive in a zombie-filled world and he has done so accordingly. Good to see his character evolving. Right before Carl shoots his mother, there is a great flashback to Rick telling Carl about growing up and “no more kids stuff”.

So it turns out it was that lone prisoner was the one that let all the zombies in. He attacks Rick while he’s trying to turn off the alarm. Fortunately the big dude shoots the sneaky inmate and saves Rick’s life. I guess it’s safe to say he’s OK in Rick’s book now. Those of you that have read the book, could he be the new Tyrese?

Great emotional scene with Carl and Maggie coming out holding the infant and Rick’s reaction. But how the hell are they going to take care of the baby? Nothing is sanitary and where are they going to get baby formula?


2 Responses to “Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4: Killer Within”

  1. Janelle says:

    again, besides the fact why haven’t they been gathering baby stuff?! Hello, they have been in and out of houses and stores for months and could have tied the stuff to the roof of the vehicles. It took 9 months for the baby to get here and now it’s as if it’s an alien that just arrived on the planet. now let’s risk more of the group on a “mission” to find formula and diapers. Sometimes these non planning ahead idiots deserve to die

  2. Damon says:

    haha. yeah, they weren’t too prepared, were they? They could have secured some clean blankets and things.

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