Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 2: Sick

This weeks episode opens up with Hershel’s amputated leg and Rick dealing with the inmates.
Let me ask this one question. What the hell were they thinking bringing Hershel with them in the first place? He’s the only one with any medical knowledge. They need him to take care of someone if they get hurt. Not to mention he’s needed to deliver Lori’s baby.

Anyway, it’s quite obvious Rick doesn’t trust the “leader” of the inmates and already has his guard up. Good to see Rick not taking any BS from them. After some arguing, it’s decided everyone will help clear out a cell block for the inmates in return for half their rations. By the way,¬†I DO NOT want to know what it smelled like inside that “defecation room”. Blech! Hmmm….I wonder if the name of the episode was referring to the frightful aroma permeating from that room.

Rick instructs the inmates on how to fight against the walkers. Stay in formation and destroy the brain. Easy right? Well, what’s the first thing the inmates do the second they see the walkers? They break ranks and start stabbing and kicking them in the stomach. Dumbasses. With a little more coaching, everyone is well on there way to killing some walkers.

Carl finds some medical supplies in the infirmary. Lori get’s fired up at him for running around alone and tells him he shouldn’t be doing that. Wise-ass Carl talks back to his mom in front of everyone. Beth then puts him in his place and Carl runs off like a little girl.

Best zombie attack of the night goes to the Houdini¬†zombie that slipped his hand out of his handcuffs. He then decided to scratch the big dude’s back. We all know what what is in store for this poor guy. After Rick teaches them about Zombie 101, the “leader” inmate decides to put his machete through the big guy’s head.
Rick eventually get’s tired of the inmates BS and kills all but two of them.

Looks like Carol will now be the go-to M.D. She’s currently practicing C-sections on dead walkers. Way to go Carol! Maybe that’ll impress Darryl enough to get a kiss. :)

In the end, Hershel survives his bite and appears to be OK. Meanwhile, Rick and Lori’s relationship continues to be pretty damn awkward. I don’t think Rick will be forgiving her any time soon.

So we saw nothing about Woodbury and the Governor. Not a peep from Michonne or Andrea. Does this mean next episode will be all about them? I can’t wait to find out!

2 Responses to “Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 2: Sick”

  1. admin says:

    That was a great episode. I was just waiting for Herschel to wake up and feed!! That was great when Lori gave him mouth to mouth… hahahhaha

    Rick is not messing around for sure. At first when the prisoners took off at the zombies I thought it was the plan and they would get eaten. I knew the prisoner in the white T had to get it, but I was not thinking a machete to the head. That was sick!!!

    Yeah looking like next week has to give some attention to The Guvna and Michonne…. Someone was watching Carol. That was a good idea on her part, but dang…. that has to stink!!! Good luck Lori..ugh

  2. Damon says:

    Maybe it’s Merle who was watching Carol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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