Zombie Days, Campfire Nights (Undead America)

zombie-daysHey there Zombie fans. Well it turns out an old friend of mine Leah Rhyne, I went to Highschool and College with wrote an awesome Zombie book! I just got it and I am about 5 chapters in. It is really, really good. Cannot wait to get back into it tonight.

It is called Zombie Days, Campfire Nights (Undead America) and so far like I said I am 5 chapters in. Right now it is building out the character back stories and I am really digging the characters.

Here is a quick overview from amazon;

Millions died when the zombie plague swept the country. For the survivors, the journey has just begun.

Jenna, Sam, and Lola are still alive. Jenna avoids human contact, traveling East Coast backroads with her boyfriend, a dog named Chicken, and a Louisville Slugger. Sam escapes to the mountains, where he’s conscripted into a zombie-slaying militia sent on nightly raids to kill the undead…and innocent civilians. Lola’s imprisoned in the “safety” of a zombie-free New Orleans hotel, but life grows more dangerous when her brother gets bitten by a zombie.

Click The Link Below to get it. Its only like $6 on the kindle or ipad! Can’t beat that!



The Walking Dead Season 3 Poster

An Eye For An Eye. Check out the new Walking Dead poster for the second half of Season 3. The Governor is pist!!!!! All hell is gonna break loose on February 10th!

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 7: When The Dead Come Walking

So we start off Episode 7 with Merle torturing Glenn. He wants to know where the prison and Daryl are. Merle does everything in his power to get Glenn to talk but Glenn holds strong and doesn’t budge. Maggie is in the next room and can hear everything.

Back at the prison, Carl and Rick save Michonne and bring her in. Look, we all know Michonne is an ultra-bad ass, but she didn’t need to go after her sword when they got her safely inside. She obviously wanted their help and that’s what she got. No reason to piss them off.
Nice emotional scene with Rick and Carol. Carl gets let’s some tears lose as well. But the show brings up a good point; how does Carol’s hair stay so short? :)
Michonne witness how close and emotional the group is. Perhaps this could be a nice group to join. ;)
Michonne tells Rick about the capture of Glenn and Maggie. Rick eventually gets the rest of the information he needs regarding The Governor and Woodbury.

Back in the torture room, Glenn is taking one hell of a beating. Merle promises to bake a cake with pink frosting for Rick. haha.
At one point Merle let’s a walker loose on Glenn while he’s tied up. Glenn manages to break free and kill the walker! Way to to go Glenn! Bad-ass!

After Rick laughs at the ridiculous name Daryl gave the newborn, Carl decides to name his sister Judith. Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Oscar then get into a car and head over to Woodbury to save Glenn and Maggie.

The Governor’s scientist must’ve been watching a lot of George A. Romero’s 1985 classic “Day of the Dead”. Because a lot of his experiments and ideas are extremely similar to Frankenstein’s. Now he thinks that when a person dies and turns, that there is some sort of trace memory and consciousness that still exists within the brain. After watching his experiemnt fail and Andrea save his dumb-ass, he goes about his business.

After not getting a peep out of Glenn, The Governor tries his hand at Maggie. He forces her to undress and leads her to believe he’s going to rape her. He stops abruptly and leaves.

Michonne and her newfound companions stumble upon a small house while being overrun by walkers. The owner flips out on Rick and attempts to run outside, thereby letting the walkers in. Before he can do this, Michonne kills him. Everyone now sees Michonne means business. There throw his corpse out to the hungry walkers and we get a delicious shot of intestines and organs being ripped apart by blood-thirsty zombies! Love it!

The Governor brings a half naked Maggie into Glenn’s holding cell. Glenn is furious but doesn’t say a word. The Governor points his gun at Glenn and Maggie gives up her camp. She tells him there are 10 people, but The Governor isn’t buying it. He leaves Maggie with Glenn as he hugs her and tells her it’s alright. Creepy bastard. As they leave, Glenn has revenge in his eyes….

Cool ending with cutting back and forth between The Governor deciding on what to do about the prison and Rick’s group slowly infiltrating Woodbury. Loved the music that went along with it as it gave me a feeling of impending doom. The Governor isn’t sure about Merle now. Will he stay and fight with him? Or will he leave and join Daryl? Also, The Governor has Andrea right in his pocket. Let’s hope she finds out about Glenn and sees the rest of the group with Michonne. Hopefully she comes to her senses soon….
Can’t wait for next week’s mid-season finale; looks like all hell is gonna break lose!

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 6: Hounded

“Are we having fun yet?!” That’s what Merle yells out to Michonne after watching her dismantle his small group of hunters.The Governor had sent Merle out to dispose of her but Michonne turned the table. With everyone dead, Merle heads back and ultimately lies to the Governor, telling him Michonne has indeed been killed.
On the way back, Merle bumps into Glenn and Maggie. Glenn knows not to trust Merle and refuses to bring him to see Daryl. After a few shots fired, Merle manages to put a gun to Maggie’s head. The two of them both had guns pointed at Merle, but still managed to let him take them as prisoners. Way to go, idiots. With no way out, Glenn agrees to drive Merle back to Woodbury. Michonne is hiding and watching all of this unfold.

So Rick is talking on the phone to some unknown people. Turns out it’s Lori and others that have passed on. Rick is obviously hallucinating but it’s his catharsis to help get over Lori’s death. Regardless, it’s pretty creepy and seems like something out of The Twilight Zone.

Daryl has been cleaning out the rest of the walkers in the jail. He stumbles upon a knife and recognizes it’s Carol’s. Honestly, I had forgotten about Carol. I think everyone else did too. It turns out Carol is now a mute and was sitting in a room the entire time. She was even knocking the door to get someone’s attention. In fact, Daryl noticed the door moving but ignored it and chalked it up to just be a walker. Not sure why everyone is acting like an idiot this episode.

Andrea tries her hand at protecting the wall and ends up killing a walker with a knife. She obviously misses using her hands and getting close to the zombies. She also admits to The Governor that she really did enjoy the Gladiator-Zombie spectacle. The two of them end of having sex and if Andrea plays her cards right, she could be the next Mrs. Governor.

The last thing we see is that Michonne made it to the jail. She is covered in zombie guts, surrounded by walkers and carrying baby formula.

Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4: Killer Within

Wow. Crazy episode this week!  A lot of action and drama! Even a few major deaths!

The filmmakers promised they’d make up for Season 2′s not-so-great season and these first 4 episodes is proof they kept their promise.

The episode begins with someone up to no good. We don’t know who it is but they’re leaving gates open and letting walkers into the prison.

Michonne finds blood and bullet holes on the Hummer. She know’s damn well The Governor is up to some shady sh!t and she isn’t taking any of his BS. He would appreciate her strength but she makes it pretty clear she doesn’t want to be part of his allegiance. In Andrea’s case, it’s quite obvious she likes her new surroundings. But does she want to stay? She draws a map to the farm for Merle hoping he can find Daryl there. She attempts to get liquored up with The Governor then backs off but later tells Michonne they should stay put for a few days. Won’t she just make up her mind?
The Governor mentioned his daughter…keep an eye out for this. ;)

Back at the prison, the sh!t is really hitting the fan. The alarms are going off non-stop, basically a dinner bell for walkers. Everyone becomes separated while defending from an overwhelming amount of zombies. T-Dog gets bit in the shoulder. :(
We know and he knows what this means. Weird, the guy finally gets some dialogue in an episode and he’s done for. Really nice farewell guys.

While looking for a way out along the prison corridors, T-Dog and Carol come upon two zombies blocking their escape route. T-Dog who is basically going to die anyway, does what he can to insure Carol’s survival. He uses himself as a barricade against the walkers while they tear apart his flesh and throat as Carol escapes. You’re the man T-Dog.

Super cool scene where the Governor is driving golf balls down the street. Merle tells him he wants to leave to find his brother. The Governor doesn’t think he has enough evidence to find him, but says if he can find some more that he’ll go with him. Is he telling the truth?

Lori, Maggie and Carl find a boiler room to hide out in. Pregnant Lori can feel the baby coming and knows something is wrong. She’s bleeding too much and insists on Maggie giving her a C-section. Lori dies from the wound and Carl decides to put a bullet in his mother so she doesn’t turn. Hardcore. Carl knows what it takes to survive in a zombie-filled world and he has done so accordingly. Good to see his character evolving. Right before Carl shoots his mother, there is a great flashback to Rick telling Carl about growing up and “no more kids stuff”.

So it turns out it was that lone prisoner was the one that let all the zombies in. He attacks Rick while he’s trying to turn off the alarm. Fortunately the big dude shoots the sneaky inmate and saves Rick’s life. I guess it’s safe to say he’s OK in Rick’s book now. Those of you that have read the book, could he be the new Tyrese?

Great emotional scene with Carl and Maggie coming out holding the infant and Rick’s reaction. But how the hell are they going to take care of the baby? Nothing is sanitary and where are they going to get baby formula?


Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3: Walk With Me

2 words: Merle’s Back!!!!!!

Episode 3 opens with Michonne and Andrea tracking a crashed helicopter. Upon checking out the wreckage, The Governor and his team role up.
Unfortunately, Michonne had to decapitate her zombie protectors as a result of them making too much noise. This didn’t matter because good ol’ Merle found them anyway. I will miss her zombie companions. :(

Michonne and Andrea are brought to the town of Woodbury. Here, The Governor has created a small society protected by high walls and artillery. This looks like the perfect home to live in. However, The two women are constantly watched and under guard. Is this place too good to be true?

The Governor has a scientist/doctor that he uses to study Michonne’s zombie-guards. He apparently also makes great tea. It turns out that zombies do starve, albeit much slower than we do.
When the Governor went down into the scientist/doctor’s laboratory wasn’t a bit reminiscent of “Day of the Dead“? Just like Rhodes and Dr. Matthew “Frankenstein” Logan! haha.

It’s quite obvious Michonne doesn’t approve of the Governor’s utopia. But what do you think about Andrea? She appears to accept it, but is she completely sold? Is she just trying to get on The Governor’s good side? Would she like to be the future Mrs. Governor? Only time will tell.

Did you see Michonne eyeing up her Katana when everyone was chowin’ down on scrambled eggs? Looks like she is buying her time, waiting for the right moment….

The Governor goes to visit the military survivors that the helicopter pilot told him about. He shows up waving a white flag and immediately opens fire on them, killing everyone. We knew something wasn’t right about him; now we know for sure.
After cleaning out the place, the Governor returns to home stacked with some fresh munitions. He lies to Woodbury’s residents and tells them the soldiers were already dead.

What do you think about The Governor’s zombie/human head collection floating around in a bunch of fish tanks? Pretty sick. After a one episode introduction, it’s safe to say he is a bad bad man.

All in all, good episode to introduce a major character and story arc. Smart to dedicate this entire episode to The Governor and Woodbury. No need to jump back and forth with the prison. I suspect we’ll move back to the prison next episode. See you next week!

Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 2: Sick

This weeks episode opens up with Hershel’s amputated leg and Rick dealing with the inmates.
Let me ask this one question. What the hell were they thinking bringing Hershel with them in the first place? He’s the only one with any medical knowledge. They need him to take care of someone if they get hurt. Not to mention he’s needed to deliver Lori’s baby.

Anyway, it’s quite obvious Rick doesn’t trust the “leader” of the inmates and already has his guard up. Good to see Rick not taking any BS from them. After some arguing, it’s decided everyone will help clear out a cell block for the inmates in return for half their rations. By the way, I DO NOT want to know what it smelled like inside that “defecation room”. Blech! Hmmm….I wonder if the name of the episode was referring to the frightful aroma permeating from that room.

Rick instructs the inmates on how to fight against the walkers. Stay in formation and destroy the brain. Easy right? Well, what’s the first thing the inmates do the second they see the walkers? They break ranks and start stabbing and kicking them in the stomach. Dumbasses. With a little more coaching, everyone is well on there way to killing some walkers.

Carl finds some medical supplies in the infirmary. Lori get’s fired up at him for running around alone and tells him he shouldn’t be doing that. Wise-ass Carl talks back to his mom in front of everyone. Beth then puts him in his place and Carl runs off like a little girl.

Best zombie attack of the night goes to the Houdini zombie that slipped his hand out of his handcuffs. He then decided to scratch the big dude’s back. We all know what what is in store for this poor guy. After Rick teaches them about Zombie 101, the “leader” inmate decides to put his machete through the big guy’s head.
Rick eventually get’s tired of the inmates BS and kills all but two of them.

Looks like Carol will now be the go-to M.D. She’s currently practicing C-sections on dead walkers. Way to go Carol! Maybe that’ll impress Darryl enough to get a kiss. :)

In the end, Hershel survives his bite and appears to be OK. Meanwhile, Rick and Lori’s relationship continues to be pretty damn awkward. I don’t think Rick will be forgiving her any time soon.

So we saw nothing about Woodbury and the Governor. Not a peep from Michonne or Andrea. Does this mean next episode will be all about them? I can’t wait to find out!

Walking Dead: The Musical

Remember the last time you were being chased by a bunch of crazed brain-hungry zombies? Well, right before they were about to chow down on your brains, did they go into a song and dance routine? No? Well, here’s a clip of what it would be like it that were to happen. Glad to know that the zombified decomposing flesh did not affect their vocal cords. Enjoy The Tapping Dead!

The Walking Dead Comic

Yes, The Walking Dead is both a comic and a tv show. If you like the show, read the comic. If you like the comic, watch the show.

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